Welcome to Fazeolo

Fazeolo Management & Consultancy is a specialized Netherlands based agency with thorough business experience and a global network in the primary education sector. 

We offer a variety of specialized business-to-business services, for example:

  • Strategic business management consulting for manufacturers, distributors and agents
  • (New) business, product and concept development
  • Consultancy services for agencies, policy makers, government officials
  • Market research, fact finding, grant writing, advocacy


Fazeolo partners together with a global network of reputable partners and is an engaged partner of leading educational organizations like:


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Fazeolo Management & Consultancy

Klaproosstraat 44



Tel: +31 (0) 6 24 93 83 63

E-mail: info@fazeolo.nl

Chamber of Commerce (KvK) Arnhem, The Netherlands nr. 65256492