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                                                                                      Dr. Jef van Kuyk

Piramide is a well balanced, innovative and dynamic pedagogical approach for children aged 0 to 6 years, which optimally stimulates all areas of development. The development of Piramide started in the early 1990’s and after several years of research and development the approach was launched around 2001 as new and innovative new approach within the framework of the education policy in the Netherlands.

Piramide has been developed by an expert team at Cito, lead by psychologist Dr. Jef J. van Kuyk and supported by an extensive network of education experts. Cito is based in Arnhem in the Netherlands, and is a leading European institute in the development and administration of test instruments and processes.  Cito employs around 500 permanent staff and over 2000 freelance workers. Cito's expertise in the field of education and development is internationally recognized. 

Today, hundreds of Piramide centers and many thousands of education specialists in the Netherlands, Germany, Japan and many other countries work with Piramide as pedagogical concept.

As of January 2017, Netherlands based de Rolf Group took over all Piramide activities. Fazeolo Educational partners with Rolf as international project manager in various international markets. If you are interested in a local license or an implementation of Piramide please get in touch with us!