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Piramide in Germany

Since 2004, the city of Wiesbaden played an important role in the adaptation and localization of Piramide in the German context. A project team of German and Dutch early childhood specialists translated and adapted the majority of Piramide resources in the German language. In 2005, the city of Wiesbaden decided to implement Piramide in 12 of their 40 public kindergartens. Today, all these kindergartens still use Piramide as their pedagogical approach. The city of Wiesbaden continues to play a role as development partner of Piramide. In 2013, the first German Piramide train-the-trainer course was held in Wiesbaden and the first 12 trainers were certified. Today, there is an increasing interest in Piramide and the approach is implemented in centers all across Germany.


Scientific research projects 

During the years, Piramide has been researched during several scientific research projects. Between 2010 and 2014 the University of Koblenz-Landau conducted a research study on the effects of Piramide and Numeracy. The positive outcomes of the this project were published in 2 reports.


BRISE Bremen

Since december 2016, another large scale and longitudinal research project started in which Piramide plays an important role. In the city of Bremen, Piramide will gradually be implemented in 43 kindergartens. Fazeolo is contracted as project manager for the implementation of Piramide within this project, which is a tremendous recognition for Piramide in Germany.


Visit the German website of Piramide for further information about Piramide in Germany.